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Re: [PATCH 03/10] tools/xenstore: Don't assume conn->in points to the LU request

Hi Luca,

On 21/06/2021 10:55, Luca Fancellu wrote:
diff --git a/tools/xenstore/xenstored_control.h 
index 6842b8d88760..27d7f19e4b7f 100644
--- a/tools/xenstore/xenstored_control.h
+++ b/tools/xenstore/xenstored_control.h
@@ -20,3 +20,6 @@ int do_control(struct connection *conn, struct buffered_data 
void lu_read_state(void);

struct connection *lu_get_connection(void);
+/* Write the "OK" response for the live-update command */
+unsigned int lu_write_response(FILE *fp);
diff --git a/tools/xenstore/xenstored_core.c b/tools/xenstore/xenstored_core.c
index 607187361d84..41b26d7094c8 100644
--- a/tools/xenstore/xenstored_core.c
+++ b/tools/xenstore/xenstored_core.c
@@ -272,15 +272,10 @@ static int undelay_request(void *_req)

static void call_delayed(struct connection *conn, struct delayed_request *req)

Here the conn parameter is not needed anymore, or am I missing something?

The parameter is now unused. I will drop it.


Julien Grall



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