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Re: gitlab merge request -> list patchbomb workflows

Hi Ian,

On 09/07/2021 16:48, Ian Jackson wrote:
At Xen Summit we had another discussion about patch submission and
review workflows.

We agreed that it would be a nice idea to conduct another experiment
with gitlab MRs.  The previous experiment yielded negative results,
but we think we might be able to do better.

The shape of the experiment was roughly:

  * Some robot would convert a gitlab MR into a patchbomb and email
    it to the list.  (The From: line would be the MR submitter's
    gitlab profile email address.)

  * Patch review would be done in the usual way by email.  These emails
    would naturally end up in the MR submitter's mailbox.

  * We would initially conduct the experiment with internal submitters,
    and with short/simple patches.

Open questions that weren't answered at the time include:

  * How do we intend to track acked/reviewed status ?  I think
    patchwork can help with this, but if we keep the series simple
    perhaps this will be fine.

  * If a resubmission was needed, how would a v2 post be triggered ?
    I don't think we have a good answer to this.  I considered tha
    following possible ultimate possibilities:

      A. when you update the git branch after the v1 posting,
         the robot marks the MR as draft.  Repost happe ns when
         you mark the MR as ready for review

      B. the robot comments in the gitlab issue, and there is
         some @robot command to tell it to repost

    AFAICT there is no code anywhere that would do either of these.
    I suggest for now we do (B) manually with a human (probably, me)
    writing comments in the MR.

  * Who if anyone will fold acked-by/reviewed-by into commit messages

    We cannot sensibly ask someone using the gitlab MR UI to do this.
    Also avoiding this manual clerical work was one of the benefits we
    are hoping to achieve.

    I therefore suggest that we don't do this folding at all, and use
    patchwork's UI to review the status of a series.

I am not entirely sure if this is what you are looking for. However, I thought I would mention it.

I have recently started to use b4 [1] to fetch patches and collect tags from the mailing list. I am wondering if the tools could be extended to also allow a quick look through of the review "state" of each patch?


[1] https://people.kernel.org/monsieuricon/introducing-b4-and-patch-attestation

Julien Grall



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