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Re: [PATCH] tools/xl: Add stubdomain_cmdline option to xl.cfg

Jason Andryuk writes ("Re: [PATCH] tools/xl: Add stubdomain_cmdline option to 
> Yes, they can both be useful.  Append is sufficient until you want to
> override or remove an option that is already included.  Set can be
> tedious since you have to copy the existing options before appending
> your new one.
> Anyway, I just wanted the documentation to match the implementation.

Yes.  I am happy with either approach.  Given the name I think
override is probably better; then we can do append with _extra later
if we like.

So in summary I agree with your suggested change to this patch.

> Looks like xl.cfg.5.pod.in says Append for cmdline/root/extra, so
> Scott was repeating that.  Looking around, aside from concatenating
> root and extra in xl_parse.c:parse_cmdline(), libxl doesn't seem to
> calculate command lines.  If libxl is reserving the right to calculate
> cmdline in the future, then keeping Append is fine by me.

Thanks for the investigation.




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