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Re: [PATCH V3 08/13] HV/Vmbus: Initialize VMbus ring buffer for Isolation VM

On 8/17/2021 1:28 AM, Michael Kelley wrote:
This patch does the following:

1) The existing ring buffer wrap-around mapping functionality is still
executed in hv_ringbuffer_init() when not doing SNP isolation.
This mapping is based on an array of struct page's that describe the
contiguous physical memory.

2) New ring buffer wrap-around mapping functionality is added in
hv_ringbuffer_post_init() for the SNP isolation case.  The case is
handled in hv_ringbuffer_post_init() because it must be done after
the GPADL is established, since that's where the host visibility
is set.  What's interesting is that this case is exactly the same
as #1 above, except that the mapping is based on physical
memory addresses instead of struct page's.  We have to use physical
addresses because of applying the GPA boundary, and there are no
struct page's for those physical addresses.

Unfortunately, this duplicates a lot of logic in #1 and #2, except
for the struct page vs. physical address difference.

Proposal:  Couldn't we always do #2, even for the normal case
where SNP isolation is not being used?   The difference would
only be in whether the GPA boundary is added.  And it looks like
the normal case could be done after the GPADL is established,
as setting up the GPADL doesn't have any dependencies on
having the ring buffer mapped.  This approach would remove
a lot of duplication.  Just move the calls to hv_ringbuffer_init()
to after the GPADL is established, and do all the work there for
both cases.

Hi Michael:
    Thanks for suggestion. I just keep the original logic in current
code. I will try combining these two functions and report back.




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