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Re: [PATCH v2] libxl: Fix stubdom PCI passthrough

On Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 8:26 AM Ian Jackson <iwj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Jason Andryuk writes ("[PATCH v2] libxl: Fix stubdom PCI passthrough"):
> > commit 0fdb48ffe7a1 "libxl: Make sure devices added by pci-attach are
> > reflected in the config" broken stubdom PCI passthrough when it moved
> > libxl__create_pci_backend later in the function.  xl pci-attach for a
> > running PV domain may also have been broken, but that was not verified.
> >
> > The stubdomain is running (!starting) and PV, so it calls
> > libxl__wait_for_backend.  With the new placement of
> > libxl__create_pci_backend, the path does not exist and the call
> > immediately fails.
> ...
> > The wait is only relevant when the backend is already present.  num_devs
> > is already used to determine if the backend needs to be created.  Re-use
> > num_devs to determine if the backend wait is necessary.  The wait is
> > necessary to avoid racing with another PCI attachment reconfiguring the
> > front/back. If we are creating the backend, then we don't have to worry
> > about a racing reconfigure.
> Thanks for working on this.  Sorry it's taken a while for me to look
> at this properly.  It seems very complicated.  I confess I am
> confused.  I wonder if I actually understand properly how the code in
> tree is supposed to work.  So if I seem not to be making sense, please
> explain :-).
> AFAICT what you are saying is that:
>   In 0fdb48ffe7a1, pci-attach was moved later in the setup, until a time
>   after the stubdomain is running.  So that code now always runs with
>   !starting, when previously it would run with !!starting.

No, it's not a starting vs. starting issue.  More that the
0fdb48ffe7a1 change didn't consider the !starting case.

We have 3 cases:
PV domain - use xen-pcifront/back
HVM - use QEMU QMP (Modern QEMU - I'm not sure about qemu-traditional)
HVM with Stubdom - xen-pcifront/back to stubdom + QEMU (QMP or
xenstore (traditional)).

Stubdomain is always !starting (running) when the guest is starting.
I think this is so that QEMU is running and can handle QMP commands.

>   libxl__wait_for_backend fails if the backend path does not exist;
>   previously, when the domain is being created, the wait would be
>   skipped.  Now because !starting, the wait is done, and fails because
>   the backend path is missing.

Previously, the backend was created before the wait was called.  The
diff for 0fdb48ffe7a1 shows the movement of the call to
libxl__create_pci_backend().  It's not shown in the diff, but
libxl__wait_for_backend() does not move which leads to the wait for a
non-existent node.

>   The purpose of the wait is to make sure the frontend is ready to
>   accept the instructions, mostly to prevent multiple pci attach
>   happening simultaneously.
> You are using num_devs to see whether the backend exists already, so
> as to skip the failing check.  I don't think that is right.  But I'm
> not sure the old code is right either.

num_devs is used pre and post-0fdb48ffe7a1 to control behaviour.  My
change just adds another case.

commit 70628d024da4 "libxl: Multi-device passthrough coldplug: do not
wait for unstarted guest" which you reference below explains the
num_devs use.

> If you are right about the reason for the wait, it does not seem
> correctly placed.  There is surely a TOCTOU race: first, we do the
> wait, and then we write, non-transactionally, to xenstore.  If two of
> these processes run at once, they could both decide not to wait,
> then both try to create the backend and trample on each other.

Yes, two simultaneous "1st" adds would want to create the backend and clash.

> This kind of thing is usually supposed to be dealt with by a
> combination of the userdata lock (for the config) and xenstore
> transaction but the code here doesn't seem to do that correctly.
> Shouldn't all of this looking at xenstore occur within the transaction
> loop ?  What this code seems to do is read some things
> nontransactionally, then enter a transaction, and then make some
> writes based on a combination of the pre-transaction and
> within-transaction data.  In particular `num_devs` is read
> nontransactionally and then written within the transaction, without, I
> think being checked for subsequent modification.
> Also, I think the purpose of `starting` is to avoid waiting for the
> backend to be stable before the frontend is actaully unpaused, in
> which case presumably the backend would never be Connected and we
> would deadlock (and eventually time out).  In general when we are
> hot-adding we must wait for the frontend and backend to be stable
> before saying we're done, whereas with cold-adding we set up the
> information and simply hope (expect) it all to sort itself out while
> the domain boots.  So, I would be expecting to see the wait to happen
> *after* the add.
> There is also the wrinkle that the non-pci code is differently
> structured, because it must not use libxl__wait_for_backend at all.
> libxl__wait_for_backend is synchronous and blocking the whole libxl
> process for an extended time is not allowed.  But AIUI we have made an
> exception for pci because the pci backend is always in dom0 and
> trusted.

I think the wrinkle is that the single PCI backend hosts multiple devices.

> I looked through the git history.
> Very relevant seems
>    70628d024da42eea
>    libxl: Multi-device passthrough coldplug: do not wait for unstarted guest
> which has some explanation from me in the commit message.  I'm not
> sure why I didn't spot the anomalous transaction use problem.
> Also I found
>    1a734d51902dff44
>    libxl: fix cold plugged PCI device with stubdomain
> and, would you believe it
>    18f93842ac3c2ca4
>    libxl: fix cold plugged PCI devices with stubdomains
> which seems at least tangentially relevant, showing that this seems
> persistently to break :-(.  This suggests quite strongly that we
> should add some tests for pci passthrough including at least one for
> stubdom coldplug.
> Also:
>    b6c23c86fe5a1a02
>    libxl: add all pci devices to xenstore at once (during VM create)
> which seems OK.
> There has been a lot of refactoring, but much of it hasn't really
> changed the structure of this function.
> The issue I identify above, with the inconsistent use of transactions,
> seems to have existed since the very beginning.  In
>    b0a1af61678b5e4c
>    libxenlight: implement pci passthrough
> the `retry_transaction:` label seems to me to be in the wrong place.
> I have CC'd Paul and Oleksandr (committer/reviewer of 0fdb48ffe7a1),
> Marek (seems to have touched a lot of the stubdom code here) and
> Stefano (original author of the pci passthrough code here)
> in case they would like to comment...




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