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Re: preparations for 4.15.1 and 4.13.4

Jan Beulich writes ("Re: preparations for 4.15.1 and 4.13.4"):
> On 15.07.2021 09:58, Jan Beulich wrote:
> > Beyond this I'd like the following to be considered:
> > 
> > 6409210a5f51 libxencall: osdep_hypercall() should return long
> > bef64f2c0019 libxencall: introduce variant of xencall2() returning long
> > 01a2d001dea2 libxencall: Bump SONAME following new functionality
> > 6f02d1ea4a10 libxc: use multicall for memory-op on Linux (and Solaris)
> in addition I'd like to ask you to consider
> 0be5a00af590 libxl/x86: check return value of SHADOW_OP_SET_ALLOCATION domctl
> as well, now that it has gone in.

I have queued that all the way back to 4.12, since it seems
security-adjacent at the very least.




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