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Re: [PATCH V3 12/13] HV/Netvsc: Add Isolation VM support for netvsc driver

On 8/20/2021 2:14 AM, Michael Kelley wrote:
@@ -477,6 +521,15 @@ static int netvsc_init_buf(struct hv_device *device,
                goto cleanup;

+       if (hv_isolation_type_snp()) {
+               vaddr = netvsc_remap_buf(net_device->send_buf, buf_size);
+               if (!vaddr)
+                       goto cleanup;
I don't think this error case is handled correctly.  Doesn't the remapping
of the recv buf need to be undone?

Yes, actually I thought to return error here and free_netvsc_device() will help to unmap recv_buffer finally. But I forget to set ret = -ENOMEM when add netvsc_remap_buf() helper.



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