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Re: Xen 4.16: Proposed release manager and schedule


On 18/08/2021 16:09, Ian Jackson wrote:
We haven't formally appointed a release manager for Xen 4.16.
I was approached and asked if I would do the job, and said yes,
but I think things got stuck there.  Taking this as a prima
faciae indication of community confidence, I hereby volunteer to
take on this role.

And, I would like to tentatively propose the following schedule and
policies for Xen 4.16.  This is based on the 4.15 schedule with some
tweaks, and is intended to align the ultimate date roughly with the
4.10 and 4.13 releases, which were also in early/mid December.

I suggest we use the Lazy Consensus procedure to decide on the Release
Manager appointment, starting now (since we're already rather late).
In particular, if you feel someone else would make a better release
manager, please say so right away.

For the release schedule, assuming I'm the RM, please send comments
ASAP and in any case by noon UTC on Wednesday the 25th of August.  I
hope to finalise the schedule then.

** DRAFT **

   Friday 17th September                 Last posting date

     Patches adding new features should be posted to the mailing list
     by this cate, although perhaps not in their final version.
     (3 weeks)

   Friday 8th October                    Feature freeze
Patches adding new features should be committed by this date.
     Straightforward bugfixes may continue to be accepted by
     (3 weeks)

At the moment, on Arm, I am tracking a few big series that are candidate for 4.16. Unfortunately, we will have some review bandwidth shortage over the next month so this will impact what we can merge on time.

So far, we don't have major features merged. If we follow this schedule, this will be a fairly quiet release.

I think on the Arm side, an extra week could give us some slack to merge part of what is currently under review on the ML.

I saw your answer to Jan about splipping the release for longer. I will answer there directly.


Julien Grall



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