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Re: [xen-4.12-testing bisection] complete test-amd64-i386-xl-qemuu-ovmf-amd64

Jan Beulich writes ("Re: [xen-4.12-testing bisection] complete 
> > We are going to need to backport a commit from unstable. Either
> >     aad7b5c11d51 ("tools/firmware/ovmf: Use OvmfXen platform file is exist")
> >         (but has been reverted)
> > or
> >     81f291420238 ("tools/firmware/ovmf: Use OvmfXen platform file if exist 
> > and update OVMF")
> >         (but it also changes the version of ovmf pulled by default,
> >          which we probably don't want to change)
> > 
> > So I would suggest backporting aad7b5c11d51.
> Anthony - thanks for the quick reply.
> Ian - that's largely your call then I guess.
> Overall I'm not convinced though that backporting either of these
> changes is the way to go. But I say this without knowing what the
> background is for osstest's overriding of Config.mk. Plus it's not
> immediately clear to me whether backporting is perhaps the only
> approach to keeping older Xen versions working with up-to-date
> OVMF; I'm getting the impression that it might be.

I looked at all this again.  (Sorry for the delay making a decision.)
I think the best option was indeed to backport aad7b5c11d51 so I have
done that.




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