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4.13..4.15 testing suspended pending XSA-378 fixes

I had the following irc conversation with Jan.  I wanted to make a record
(in particular, to refer to from the stop files in osstest):

09:36 <jbeulich> Diziet: To give osstest some relief, and to also have fixes 
                 for the XSA-378 fallout have a faster path to an eventual push 
                 (provided they get reviewed / agreed upon), could you please
09:37 <jbeulich> - put the OVMF backport also on 4.11 (which ought to allow 
                 that branch to get a push)
09:37 <jbeulich> - suspend testing on 4.13-4.15 for the time being?
10:46 <@Diziet> jbeulich: I pushed the ovmf fix.  Let me look at the current 
10:50 <@Diziet> Your point about the XSA fallout fixes is that you would like 
                to have osstest testing putative fixes promptly ?
11:01 <jbeulich> Yes. With all the other branches also getting continuously 
                 tested, the latency for unstable flights to complete is quite 
11:02 <jbeulich> And an initial set of fixes has been posted.
11:27 <@Diziet> Done.  I've cancelled one not-yet-started but doomed 4.14 
                flight too



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