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Re: [PATCH V4 00/13] x86/Hyper-V: Add Hyper-V Isolation VM support

Hi Christoph:

On 8/30/2021 8:00 PM, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
Sorry for the delayed answer, but I look at the vmap_pfn usage in the
previous version and tried to come up with a better version.  This
mostly untested branch:


No problem. Thank you very much for your suggestion patches and they are very helpful.

get us there for swiotlb and the channel infrastructure  I've started
looking at the network driver and didn't get anywhere due to other work.

As far as I can tell the network driver does gigantic multi-megabyte
vmalloc allocation for the send and receive buffers, which are then
passed to the hardware, but always copied to/from when interacting
with the networking stack.  Did I see that right?  Are these big
buffers actually required unlike the normal buffer management schemes
in other Linux network drivers?

For send packet, netvsc tries batching packet in send buffer if possible. It passes the original skb pages directly to hypervisor when send buffer is not enough or packet length is larger than section size. These packets are sent via vmbus_sendpacket_pagebuffer() finally. Please see netvsc_send() for detail. The following code is to check whether the packet could be copied into send buffer. If not, the packet will be sent with original skb pages.

1239        /* batch packets in send buffer if possible */
1240        msdp = &nvchan->msd;
1241        if (msdp->pkt)
1242                msd_len = msdp->pkt->total_data_buflen;
1244        try_batch =  msd_len > 0 && msdp->count < net_device->max_pkt;
1245        if (try_batch && msd_len + pktlen + net_device->pkt_align <
1246            net_device->send_section_size) {
1247                section_index = msdp->pkt->send_buf_index;
1249        } else if (try_batch && msd_len + packet->rmsg_size <
1250                   net_device->send_section_size) {
1251                section_index = msdp->pkt->send_buf_index;
1252                packet->cp_partial = true;
1254        } else if (pktlen + net_device->pkt_align <
1255                   net_device->send_section_size) {
1256 section_index = netvsc_get_next_send_section(net_device);
1257                if (unlikely(section_index == NETVSC_INVALID_INDEX)) {
1258                        ++ndev_ctx->eth_stats.tx_send_full;
1259                } else {
1260                        move_pkt_msd(&msd_send, &msd_skb, msdp);
1261                        msd_len = 0;
1262                }
1263        }

For receive packet, the data is always copied from recv buffer.

If so I suspect the best way to allocate them is by not using vmalloc
but just discontiguous pages, and then use kmap_local_pfn where the
PFN includes the share_gpa offset when actually copying from/to the

When netvsc needs to copy packet data to send buffer, it needs to caculate position with section_index and send_section_size. Please seee netvsc_copy_to_send_buf() detail. So the contiguous virtual address of send buffer is necessary to copy data and batch packets.



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