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HVM/PVH Ballon crash

I brought this up a while back, but it still appears to be present and
the latest observations appear rather serious.

I'm unsure of the entire set of conditions for reproduction.

Domain 0 on this machine is PV (I think the BIOS enables the IOMMU, but
this is an older AMD IOMMU).

This has been confirmed with Xen 4.11 and Xen 4.14.  This includes
Debian's patches, but those are mostly backports or environment

Domain 0 is presently using a 4.19 kernel.

The trigger is creating a HVM or PVH domain where memory does not equal

New observations:

I discovered this occurs with PVH domains in addition to HVM ones.

I got PVH GRUB operational.  PVH GRUB appeared at to operate normally
and not trigger the crash/panic.

The crash/panic occurred some number of seconds after the Linux kernel
was loaded.

Mitigation by not using ballooning with HVM/PVH is workable, but this is
quite a large mine in the configuration.

I'm wondering if perhaps it is actually the Linux kernel in Domain 0
which is panicing.

The crash/panic occurring AFTER the main kernel loads suggests some
action by the user domain is doing is the actual trigger of the

That last point is actually rather worrisome.  There might be a security
hole lurking here.

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