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Re: xen-unstable linux-5.14: 1 of 2 multicall(s) failed: cpu 0

On 07.09.21 10:11, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 07.09.2021 09:58, Juergen Gross wrote:
On 06.09.21 23:35, Sander Eikelenboom wrote:

On my AMD box running:
      xen-unstable changeset: Fri Sep 3 15:10:43 2021 +0200 git:2d4978ead4
      linux kernel: 5.14.1

With this setup I'm encountering some issues in dom0, see below.


xl dmesg gives:

(XEN) [2021-09-06 18:15:04.089] mm.c:3506:d0v0 mfn 63b936 already pinned
(XEN) [2021-09-06 18:15:04.089] mm.c:3506:d0v0 mfn 6a0622 already pinned
(XEN) [2021-09-06 18:15:04.089] mm.c:3506:d0v0 mfn 6b63da already pinned
(XEN) [2021-09-06 18:15:04.089] mm.c:3506:d0v0 mfn 638dd9 already pinned
(XEN) [2021-09-06 18:15:04.089] mm.c:3506:d0v0 mfn 68a7bc already pinned
(XEN) [2021-09-06 18:15:04.089] mm.c:3506:d0v0 mfn 63c27d already pinned
(XEN) [2021-09-06 18:15:04.089] mm.c:3506:d0v0 mfn 6a04f2 already pinned
(XEN) [2021-09-06 18:15:04.089] mm.c:3506:d0v0 mfn 690d49 already pinned
(XEN) [2021-09-06 18:15:04.089] mm.c:3506:d0v0 mfn 6959a0 already pinned
(XEN) [2021-09-06 18:15:04.089] mm.c:3506:d0v0 mfn 6a055e already pinned
(XEN) [2021-09-06 18:15:04.090] mm.c:3506:d0v0 mfn 639437 already pinned

dmesg gives:

[34321.304270] ------------[ cut here ]------------
[34321.304277] WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 23628 at
arch/x86/xen/multicalls.c:102 xen_mc_flush+0x176/0x1a0
[34321.304288] Modules linked in:
[34321.304291] CPU: 0 PID: 23628 Comm: apt-get Not tainted
5.14.1-20210906-doflr-mac80211debug+ #1
[34321.304294] Hardware name: MSI MS-7640/890FXA-GD70 (MS-7640)  , BIOS
V1.8B1 09/13/2010
[34321.304296] RIP: e030:xen_mc_flush+0x176/0x1a0
[34321.304300] Code: 89 45 18 48 c1 e9 3f 48 89 ce e9 20 ff ff ff e8 60
03 00 00 66 90 5b 5d 41 5c 41 5d c3 48 c7 45 18 ea ff ff ff be 01 00 00
00 <0f> 0b 8b 55 00 48 c7 c7 10 97 aa 82 31 db 49 c7 c5 38 97 aa 82 65
[34321.304303] RSP: e02b:ffffc90000a97c90 EFLAGS: 00010002
[34321.304305] RAX: ffff88807d416398 RBX: ffff88807d416350 RCX:
[34321.304306] RDX: 0000000000000001 RSI: 0000000000000001 RDI:
[34321.304308] RBP: ffff88807d416300 R08: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa R09:
[34321.304309] R10: deadbeefdeadf00d R11: ffffea000026a600 R12:
[34321.304310] R13: ffff888012f6b000 R14: 0000000012f6b000 R15:
[34321.304320] FS:  00007f5071177800(0000) GS:ffff88807d400000(0000)
[34321.304322] CS:  10000e030 DS: 0000 ES: 0000 CR0: 0000000080050033
[34321.304323] CR2: 00007f506f542000 CR3: 00000000160cc000 CR4:
[34321.304326] Call Trace:
[34321.304331]  xen_alloc_pte+0x294/0x320
[34321.304334]  move_pgt_entry+0x165/0x4b0
[34321.304339]  move_page_tables+0x6fa/0x8d0
[34321.304342]  move_vma.isra.44+0x138/0x500
[34321.304345]  __x64_sys_mremap+0x296/0x410
[34321.304348]  do_syscall_64+0x3a/0x80
[34321.304352]  entry_SYSCALL_64_after_hwframe+0x44/0xae
[34321.304355] RIP: 0033:0x7f507196301a

I can see why this failure is occurring, but I'm not sure which way is
the best to fix it.

The problem is that a pinned page table is moved: the pmd entry
referencing it is cleared and a new reference is put into the pmd.
This is done by getting the old pmd entry, clearing that entry, and then
using pmd_populate() to write the new pmd entry. pmd_populate() will
lead to a call of xen_pte_alloc() trying to pin the referenced page
table, which is failing, as it is already pinned.

The problem has been introduced by commit 0881ace292b662d2 in kernel

Following solutions would be possible:

1. When running as PV guest skip the optimization of move_pgt_entry()
     by letting arch_supports_page_table_move() return false. This will
     result in a performance drop in some cases.

2. Unpin the page table before calling pmd_populate(). This adds some
     unneeded hypercall and without flushing the TLB I'm feeling uneasy
     to do that.

I agree as far as the "unneeded hypercall" aspect goes, but I don't
see any connection to the TLB (or a need to flush it): Pinning has
nothing to do with insertion into a live page table; a pinned page
table can be entirely free floating. It's the removal from a
(possibly) live page table which would require a flush.

And this removal is happening:

        /* Clear the pmd */
        pmd = *old_pmd;


        pmd_populate(mm, new_pmd, pmd_pgtable(pmd));

So unpinning after calling pmd_clear() seems to be risky.

3. Add a check in xen_pte_alloc() if the page table is pinned already
     and if this is the case, don't do the pinning. This is a rather clean
     solution, but will result in other failures if a page table is used
     multiple times (this case would be caught today as in the failure

My tendency is towards solution 3 as it is local to Xen code and has the
best performance.

I agree 3 looks most promising. I can't judge how big of a risk
there is for a page table to get used in more than one place, and
hence how important it is to be able to detect that case.

Thanks. I'm going that route then.


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