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Re: [PATCH v2 1/3] stubdom: fix build with disabled pv-grub

On 09.09.21 15:23, Ian Jackson wrote:
Juergen Gross writes ("[PATCH v2 1/3] stubdom: fix build with disabled 
Today the build will fail if --disable-pv-grub as a parameter of
configure, as the main Makefile will unconditionally try to build a
32-bit pv-grub stubdom.

Fix that by introducing a pv-grub32 target in stubdom/Makefile taking
care of this situation.

I approve of this whole series, with one resrvation:

I think the name "pv-grub32" for this target is confusing.  It's not
really specifically 32-bit.  The difference between the targets
"pv-grub32" and "pv-grub" is that "pv-grub32" is unconditionally
built but might mean nothing; it has a conditional dependency on
"pv-grub" which is conditionally built but always implies the actual

I don't think the suffix "32" really conveys this :-).

How about "pv-grub-maybe" ?  Or something.

What about "pv-grub-if-enabled"?

And could that be done when committing, or should I send another round?

You can put my ack on patches 2 and 3 right away.



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