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Re: Xen Booting Problem on ARM Machine

On 08/09/2021 11:43, Sai Kiran wrote:


Thank you for the report. Moving the discussion back to xen-devel because this looks like a potential issue in the UEFI stub in Xen.

I have Xen-4.15.0 on an ARM Machine, with Debian 11 installed on it.

Would you be able to give more details on the Arm machine you are using? Also, are you using ACPI or DT to boot?

I am able to do “make world” and “make install”, after “./configure”, as specified in README file. When I reboot the system, I get the following message:

Warning: All 128 bootinfo mem banks exhausted.

Warning: All 128 bootinfo mem banks exhausted.

Hmmm... This means that you have more than 128 memory regions described in the EFI memory map. That's quite a lot.

Although, this should be harmless as it means Xen will not use the extra memory banks.

Cannot exit boot services: ErrCode: 0x8000000000000002

This means EFI_INVALID_PARAMETER. We have code to retry because AFAICT ExitBootServices() may sometime fails (I have CCed Jan may have more idea what's happening).

Would you be able to provide more details on the UEFI firmware you are using? Is it EDK2 or U-boot?

Also, do you know if Linux is boot on the same system?

However, AFAICT, the error message would not prevent Xen to continue booting. So you may get stuck later in the boot process.

My suggestion would be to enable earlyprintk for your platform. You can setup it up from the menuconfig in "Debugging Options".

Here is the snapshot of the error.

Please avoid posting image on the ML. Instead, if you need to do it, you can upload on a web server and provide the URL.

Best regards,

Julien Grall



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