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  • To: Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • From: Jan Beulich <jbeulich@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2021 10:24:35 +0200
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On 27.09.2021 23:01, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> A recent ABI change in Xen caused a total breakage under the Xapi
> toolstack, and the investigation had lead to this.

I'm curious which change this was; while it's likely one of mine, I
can't seem to be able to easily guess.

> First of all, the memory pool really needs renaming, because (not naming
> names) multiple developers were fooled into thinking that the bug was
> caused by a VM being unexpectedly in shadow mode.
> Second, any MB value >= 0x1000000 will truncate to 0 between
> {hap,shadow}_domctl() and {hap,shadow}_set_allocation().

This wants fixing of course. I assume a patch is already in the works.
If not, let me know and I'll see about making one.

> But for the main issue, passing 0 in at the hypercall level is broken.
> hap_enable() forces a minimum of 256 pages.  A subsequent hypercall
> trying to set 0 frees {tot 245, free 244, p2m 11} all the way down to
> {tot 1, free 0, p2m 11} before failing with -ENOMEM because there are no
> more free pages to free.  Getting -ENOMEM from this kind of operation
> isn't really correct.

It's questionable, but I wouldn't call it outright "not correct": The
function was requested to obtain memory (from the pool), so one may
view this as allocation. The set-allocation functions really are both
allocations and frees at the same time (moving pages from one pool to

> Passing 0 cannot possibly function.  There are non-zero p2m frames by
> the time createdomain completes, as we allocate the top of the p2m, and
> they cannot be freed without the teardown logic which releases memory in
> the correct order.
> In fact, passing anything lower than the current free size is guaranteed
> to fail.  Continuations also mean that you can't pick a value which is
> guaranteed not to fail, because even a well (poorly?) placed foreign map
> in dom0 could change the properties of the pool.

Well, I suppose outside of domain cleanup shrinking of the pool was
always meant as kind of a best effort operation.

> The shadow side rejects hypercall attempts using 0

I haven't been able to spot this rejection logic. Instead I'm getting
the impression that the BUG() at the bottom of _shadow_prealloc()
would be hit if shrinking the pool beyond what can really be freed
(i.e. in particular if any pages are in use for the p2m).

> (but can be bypassed
> with the above truncation bug), and will try to drop shadows to get down
> to the limit.  This represents a difference vs HAP, and in practice 1M
> granularity is probably enough to ensure that you can't fail to set the
> shadow allocation that low.  There is also a reachable BUG() somewhere
> in this path as reported several times on xen-devel, but I still haven't
> figured out how to tickle it.

Any pointer to one such report? I don't recall any, and hence it's
not clear to me whether that's the one in _shadow_prealloc().

> There is no code or working usecase for reducing the size of the shadow
> pool, except on domain destruction.  I think we should prohibit the
> ability to shrink the shadow pool, and defer most of this mess to anyone
> who turns up with a plausible usecase.

No present use case for reducing is a fair argument for dropping support
for doing so. That'll still mean an error return, which - according to
what you have written near the top - may still upset the Xapi tool stack.




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