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Re: [PATCH 1/1] x86: centralize default APIC id definition

On 01.10.21 16:29, Andrew Cooper wrote:
On 01/10/2021 15:19, Jan Beulich wrote:
On 24.09.2021 21:39, Alex Olson wrote:
Inspired by an earlier attempt by Chao Gao <chao.gao@xxxxxxxxx>,
this revision aims to put the hypervisor in control of x86 APIC identifier
definition instead of hard-coding a formula in multiple places
(libxl, hvmloader, hypervisor).

This is intended as a first step toward exposing/altering CPU topology
seen by guests.


- Add field to vlapic for holding default ID (on reset)

- add HVMOP_get_vcpu_topology_id hypercall so libxl (for PVH domains)
   can access APIC ids needed for ACPI table definition prior to domain start.

- For HVM guests, hvmloader now also uses the same hypercall.

- Make CPUID code use vlapic ID instead of hard-coded formula
   for runtime reporting to guests
I'm afraid a primary question from back at the time remains: How is
migration of a guest from an old hypervisor to one with this change
in place going to work?

I'm afraid its not.

Fixing this is incredibly complicated.  I have a vague plan, but it
needs building on the still-pending libxl cpuid work of Rogers.

Both the toolstack and Xen need to learn about how to describe topology
correctly (and I'm afraid this patch isn't correct even for a number of
the simple cases), and know about "every VM booted up until this point
in time" being wrong.

What about:

- adding APIC-Id to the migration stream
- adding an optional translation layer for guest APIC-Id to the
- adding the functionality to set a specific APIC-Id for a vcpu
  (will use the translation layer if not the same as preferred
  by the hypervisor)


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