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[OSSTEST PATCH 0/6] allocation / test fixes

These patches fix problems detected while doing maintenance work.

1 host lifecycle: Use correct taskid column for runvar reconstruction

In principle this might affect any job that picks up a host that was
messed with by a stale task.  It could even cause production flights
to fail.  I think this is a bugfix we want in production.

My Release Manager hat agrees.

2 mg-repro-setup: Promote an error test to before builds (nfc)
3 mg-allocate: Break out sub precheck (nfc)
4 mg-allocate: Add --dry-run mode
5 mg-allocate: feasibility check: print a reassuring message
6 mg-repro-setup: Check allocation feasibility at the start

These are fixes to manual and ad-hoc maintenance commands.  They don't
have any effect on db or host contents.  So they have no release

Therefore, all six:

Release-acked-by: Ian Jackson <iwj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I will push them to pretest shortly.



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