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Re: [PATCH v6] xen: Expose the PMU to the guests

Hi Michal,

On 13/10/2021 08:45, Michal Orzel wrote:
Add parameter vpmu to xl domain configuration syntax
to enable the access to PMU registers by disabling
the PMU traps(currently only for ARM).

The current status is that the PMU registers are not
virtualized and the physical registers are directly
accessible when this parameter is enabled. There is no
interrupt support and Xen will not save/restore the
register values on context switches.

According to Arm Arm, section D7.1:
"The Performance Monitors Extension is common
to AArch64 operation and AArch32 operation."
That means we have an ensurance that if PMU is
present in one exception state, it must also be
present in the other.

Please note that this feature is experimental.

Signed-off-by: Michal Orzel <michal.orzel@xxxxxxx>
Signed-off-by: Julien Grall <julien@xxxxxxx>
Reviewed-by: Bertrand Marquis <bertrand.marquis@xxxxxxx>
Acked-by: Anthony PERARD <anthony.perard@xxxxxxxxxx>
Changes since v5:
-extracted from the series as other patches have been merged
-fold ARM vPMU feature status in SUPPORT.md into existing section for x86
-fix coding style in libxl
Changes since v4:
-update SUPPORT.md
-move vpmu_is_available assignment after the secondary
CPUs have been brought up
-introduce masks for flags that need to be set and
for flags that are optional
Changes since v3:
-fail if vpmu is set but not supported
Changes since v2:
-remove redundant check from x86 code
-do not define bit position and mask separately
Changes since v1:
-modify vpmu parameter to be common rather than arch specific
  SUPPORT.md                           | 12 ++++++++++--
  docs/man/xl.cfg.5.pod.in             | 17 +++++++++++++++++
  tools/golang/xenlight/helpers.gen.go |  6 ++++++
  tools/golang/xenlight/types.gen.go   |  1 +
  tools/include/libxl.h                |  6 ++++++
  tools/libs/light/libxl_create.c      | 10 ++++++++++
  tools/libs/light/libxl_types.idl     |  2 ++
  tools/ocaml/libs/xc/xenctrl.ml       |  1 +
  tools/ocaml/libs/xc/xenctrl.mli      |  1 +
  tools/xl/xl_parse.c                  |  2 ++
  xen/arch/arm/domain.c                | 13 ++++++++++---
  xen/arch/arm/setup.c                 |  3 +++
  xen/common/domain.c                  | 10 +++++++++-
  xen/include/asm-arm/domain.h         |  1 +
  xen/include/public/domctl.h          |  4 +++-
  15 files changed, 82 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/SUPPORT.md b/SUPPORT.md
index 317392d8f3..d0305abc0b 100644
--- a/SUPPORT.md
+++ b/SUPPORT.md
@@ -671,11 +671,19 @@ such as KVM, Hyper-V, Bromium, and so on as guests.
### vPMU -Virtual Performance Management Unit for HVM guests
+Virtual Performance Management Unit
While I agree that "HVM guests" doesn't make any sense on Arm, you are not adding back for x86. So this is changing the statement support to both HVM and PV guest.

I don't know why only HVM guests was previously mentionned. Jan, Andrew? Anyway, for this patch, I think we should add...

Status, x86: Supported, Not security supported

... add HVM here. Looking at other section, we seem to use:

Status, x86 HVM: ...

One can send a follow-up patch if we want to mention the support status for PV guests.


Julien Grall



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