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Re: [PATCH v7] xen: Expose the PMU to the guests

Julien Grall writes ("Re: [PATCH v7] xen: Expose the PMU to the guests"):
> I am in the signed-off-by list. Even if the patch has changed compare 
> the original, I feel it is odd to ack my own patch.
>  From my understanding, my signed-off-by is sufficient serve as an 
> approval for the maintainer part. We also have a review form a person of 
> a suitable stature in the community (Bertrand). So I think in term of 
> approval we are good.
> Additionally, from a discussion yesterday on IRC, Stefano was happy with 
> this patch (I was the one requesting the resend for SUPPORT.MD). So I 
> think we can commit it now.
> Let me know if you prefer to wait for a formal Ack from Stefano.

Ah.  I see, no that's fine.  I am committing it now.




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