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Debian Bug#1004269: Linker segfault while building src:xen

(To both the Debian bug # and xen-devel list, reply-all is fine)
Hi Xen people,

I just filed a bug at Debian on the binutils package, because since the latest binutils package update (Debian, Xen (both 4.14 and 4.16) fails to build with a segfault at the following point:

x86_64-linux-gnu-ld -mi386pep --subsystem=10 --image-base=0xffff82d040000000 --stack=0,0 --heap=0,0 --section-alignment=0x200000 --file-alignment=0x20 --major-image-version=4 --minor-image-version=16 --major-os-version=2 --minor-os-version=0 --major-subsystem-version=2 --minor-subsystem-version=0 --no-insert-timestamp --build-id=sha1 -T efi.lds -N prelink.o /builds/xen-team/debian-xen/debian/output/source_dir/xen/common/symbols-dummy.o -b pe-x86-64 efi/buildid.o -o /builds/xen-team/debian-xen/debian/output/source_dir/xen/.xen.efi.0xffff82d040000000.0 && :
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Full message and links to build logs etc are in the initial bug message, to be seen at https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=1004269

We (Debian Xen Team) are awaiting response, but I thought to also let you know already.

* Does the above error 'ring a bell'?
* Can you maybe also reproduce this in a development environment with very latest binutils? * Maybe someone has a useful comment for the Debian binutils maintainer about what's happening in this step of the build?
* Any suggestions about what we can do to help figure this out?
* We'll try to help debug, but will surely appreciate upstream help if things get too technical. It's simply the case that I did not have to look into a very similar issue before, so it's new.




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