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RE: [Xen-users] Xen and Memory

> I am new to this list and have a couple of questions, that I 
> did not find any answers in FAQ or docs:
> 1) I need to configure dom0 memory, but do not know
>    how to quantify it. Do I need to put all memory
>    to dom0? Mathematically speaking,
>    Mem(dom0) > Mem(dom1..domN) or
>    Mem(total) > Mem(dom0..domN)

The latter.

> 2) How about swap space? Do you use nfs exported dir
>    from dom0 and install files in it for each domain
>    to swap? Or else?

The normal practice is to give each guest its own dom0 LVM volume to
swap to. 

Giving it a tmpfs to swap to would help, but its not as important as
with UML.

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