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Re: [Xen-users] Xen on OpenSSI?

> > That said, you should be able to achieve the same sort of results by
> > running multiple OpenSSI / openMosix clusters on top of standard Xen.
> Well as I said, we want to cluster this app and make it scale up AND
> highly available; OpenSSI rocks for that but only runs on a handful of
> OSes, all of which are *expressly* unsupported.

Sorry, I had forgotten you said that.

> In other words, it's not 
> just a matter of needing the company's blessing for tech support (which we
> do), it just won't work period.


Maybe the openMosix port will be useful to you when it's finished.

Good luck implementing your system!

> Oh well, perhaps UserMode Linux will do the job.
> Thanks!
> CD
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