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RE: [Xen-users] performance problems

 > >> running a chgrp -R over a series of directories on an LVM 
> partition  
> >> and I noticed that it was taking forever.  So I ran vmstat (sorry  
> >> about the line wrapping) and found that it was spending 
> roughly 99  
> >> percent to 100 percent of the time waiting for (disk??) io.

The high iowait may be due to the 2.6 dom0 blkback wait queue issue that
is under investigation. It would be interesting to know what happens if
you use a 2.4 dom0.

> 10x slower than a non xen machine and it just 
> crashed+rebooted my xen setup.  relevent enough??  ;-)

The crash is very worrying. Is this Xen 2.0.5? Is this repeatable? Can
you use a debug build and get a serial line on the machine?


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