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Re: [Xen-users] filesystem image of Fedora Core for Xen?

> First, support and kernel consistency -- something that hackers of your
> caliber never require and therefore forget about.  For the average
> distribution from SuSE, Red Hat, Debian, and many others there is no
> real installation support.  You cannot even pay for support on special
> non standard initial installation (desktop only).  You have to buy their
> Enterprise version or server or they won't even consider talking to you.

That's true, although there is community support available via forums and 
mailing lists - there are even distro people there to answer questions on a 
"best effort" basis.

> servers, mixed mode networks and that sort of thing.  Therefore, the
> idea of this project would be NOT TO DISTURB the specific distributor
> supportable installation and by means of a dual boot the user could
> chose whether to run the Linux distribution or the Xen-based (any linux
> OS base) as Dom 0 and the primary distributor installation could be
> treated as a DomU

So you're proposing a special distinct distribution for use in dom0?

> is that when they do choose Xen they have a choice from this project
> proposal to pick the Dom 0 OS free from both a compiling problem and
> free from using  a particular favored position of the distribution
> vendor -- e.g. SuSE as the primary installation and SuSE as the Dom 0
> base.  Not a real choice is it???  Personally I detest that kind of choice.

Sorry, I'm not clear on the choice problem here.

> Xen could conceivable 
> evolve and would do so by eventually defining it's own Dom 0 in order to
> better handle a myriad of DomU Operating Systems.

Well, what's in the dom0 shouldn't really matter to the domUs.  Where it could 
matter is in sorting out who will provide support if you're running, say, a 
SLES guest with a RHEL dom0.

Anyhow, to clarify: are you proposing a dedicated dom0-oriented distribution, 
with the sole purpose of providing services and management to domUs?  Who 
will provide support for dom0 and domUs in this instance?

Thanks for your enthusiasm on this - Free Software needs good community 


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