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Re: [Xen-users] Access to USB devices

> However, this domain needs access to several hot-plug USB devices, like
> a photo-camera (gphoto2), a USB-storage-stick and a scanner.

OK, several ways you might like to try:
* export the USB stick (and the camera, if possible) as VBDs from dom0
* export the devices using networked solutions (e.g. NFS / NBD for the storage 
devices, something else must be available for the scanner), as you would for 
multiple machines
* try the PCI virtualisation stuff in the stable tree and give the USB 
controller device to the domain for direct control
* try the USB virtualisation stuff in the unstable tree and give the domain 
control of the appropriate host USB ports


> Dom0 gets all access to these devices, but from another domain (with the
> same full-privileged kernel) I can't see or use these devices.
> The Debian hotplug startscripts say this:
> bad PCI agent invocation
> What's going wrong and how can I allow another domain to use USB
> devices? If possible, with access to only _these_ devices?
> Thanks very much, Arie Kraai
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