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[Xen-users] Access to USB devices

I'm afraid I need a little help with the following:
Most server-functions are put into unprivileged domains and I'm
currently putting a desktop-environment in a domain with as little
privileges as possible. This domain will be used from "diskless" clients
using XDMCP to log in (and ultimately freeNX for applications).
However, this domain needs access to several hot-plug USB devices, like
a photo-camera (gphoto2), a USB-storage-stick and a scanner.

Dom0 gets all access to these devices, but from another domain (with the
same full-privileged kernel) I can't see or use these devices.
The Debian hotplug startscripts say this:

bad PCI agent invocation

What's going wrong and how can I allow another domain to use USB
devices? If possible, with access to only _these_ devices?

Thanks very much, Arie Kraai

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