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Re: [Xen-users] Boot issue

On Sat, 2 Apr 2005, Ramesh Babu wrote:

> When  i boot my Xen , during the bootup it stops at the below and
> system hangs .. Please help in solving the issue
> -----------------------------
> .... boot logs
> Warning : Cannot load initial console
> Continuing .......

What is hanging? linux? I expect so, but you've stripped every element of
context, so this could be xen. If it is linux (or other OS), I would look
at what you have in /dev/ of your root filesystem and/or initrd ... Fedora
uses "udev"  (not that I know what that is) for most of it's device files,
and as such you might not have much in /dev/ without it (and udev doesn't
come until long after the console is needed). This, along with some
confusion over compiling the serial console support (DON'T DO THAT) into
the linux kernel caused me most of my grief. I have also found the build
process a bit fragile. ARCH=xen was probably the cause of my troubles, and
the fix for that has been covered here recently (basically move .config
somewhere safe, then make distclean, bring it back, and then make ARCH=xen

Note that I know very little about initrd files. I tend to stick to what I
know and consequently don't use them. If I'm out to lunch I would
appreciate being having my knowledge updated.

Note also, the machine _might_ not be hung. If you give it time to
complete the boot it might be accessable via network or serial ports if
either of those are configured. I am pretty sure you _can_ run standard
linux without a video card :-)


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