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[Xen-users] Speed of domainU drives

Now, I don't know how domainU drive speed works or any of it really.

But here's what I'm doing:

Have a server :  intel 875 chipset intel board, intel p3.06mhz, 1 g ram,
twin WD Raptor 36G drives.

Now, I've put the domain0 in a little space as possible spreading usr
and var to /dev/sdb and / and swap to /dev/sda.

My first domain will be a basic partition on the /dev/sda
second domain is a mirror using raid1 via /dev/sda8 and /dev/sdb8.  The
swap will be a normal partition.

And the third domain will be a stripe via raid0 with /dev/sda5
and /dev/sdb5

Now, so far, I've already setup the stripe and it's not exceptoinally
fast - using hdparm, I'm only pulling some 12Mb/sec with it, where as on
domain0, I pull 124Mb/sec off that stripe set.  This could be the way
that the xenU domains interact, I don't know.  

I think I'll try Bonnie+ to get some "real" numbers, but I thought I'd
post that and see what kind of response I get, cause something seems
wrong here.

Let me know if there's something else I should be doing to make perf
numbers come into place.

Jack Downes <jack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Chain Reaction Web

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