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Regarding my satellite connection. I have offered a repository and server (operating out of my LAN) to serve Dom 0 and Dom U build contributions -- if maintained by the contributor(s). My satellite ISP indicated that there are bandwidth limitations and if you people get involved and we find they are inadequate I will try to find money to extend that bandwidth. This server will guarantee that the latest stable packages are available on an on-going basis. I indicated that Xen developers would have authority to determine and influence other issues such as the placement of test and unstable builds on the server as it suited their purposes. In other words, if desirable, part of the server operation could be dedicated to Xen development issues that require a server. All these considerations impact the choice of the server and necessitate set up by a knowledgeable web master. But for the general public I indicated that only stable build contributions would be served. Every build contribution to the repository would have an associated web page maintained by the remote web master. I generated quite a bit of email on this subject -- I don't know if you followed the thread as it got confused with another. Anyway, this server would operate under Xen development authority and would have a remote web master and administrator far more qualified than myself (hopefully approved by the development team) -- I have requested a volunteer(s) to work remotely in this capacity (with me) and define and implement web server operation details. I also offered to the contributors (including developers) remote access to the LAN (if they found it advantageous) so these packages could be exercised without downloading them (saving internet bandwidth). I offered gobs of hard drive and this is probably where the administrator would choose to implement LVM. I would simply be a provider and responsible for maintaining the physical resources involved. I do not want to represent myself as something I am not and feel that this service could be extremely beneficial to everyone involved. See the email threads.

Regardless, I will be setting up such a server. But I am giving you guys first crack at usage (part or full) of this server. If you guys are involved it would be a much more professional server set up than what I would do for myself. I thought you guys could do a much more professional job and so my email deliberations for such a hosting situation have been put forth as a "proposal", the character of which require that your development group has to agree to be involved at the very minimum as a regulatory body. I am perfectly willing to see this set up so you people have as much control over this repository as you feel you want. You would be calling the shots, not me. This way you don't find yourselves subjected to someone else's whims and authority and your authority is not split off into other directions. You are even welcome to assume the role as prime remote web master over the parts of my lan you may find useful and request additional resources. All this comes FREE with no legal obligations in any form on your part so as not to compromise your project and other associations in any way. This should be considered by you as an opportunity which you may or may not want to accept for your own reasons. Anyway, you have whatever time you need to deliberate this issue and state your terms -- if any. I fully understand if you feel you have to reject this proposal. I just want to ensure you have first crack at this. No hard feelings either way regarding any of your decisions. I am just trying to be helpful in the ways that I feel I can be helpful and learn at the same time. Not every idea is in the right place at the right time and so that is your decision and not mine. If you accept the opportunity development will have "VIRTUAL" ownership. I did not send any email to [Xen-devel], you can do that if you see fit.

Thanks -- Ted

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