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Re: [Xen-users] strangeness with high BDP tests

I don't trust the 10 second tests either, especially for such a high
RTT. Thats why I ran the tests for 80 seconds (thats 1000 RTTs, and
should give TCP enough time to stabilize). I'll get some numbers using
these options in any case.

Cool :). Thanks for offering to test, too.

Yeah, but in my experience it usually picks up the "default" value as
set by the sysctl. I'll check the code.

In your netperf output, it's listing the socket size as
the default system 64K. If you invoke netperf with -s 131762 -S 131762
it should at least use 128K (local and remote). Bumping that
up by 3 times usually gives good gain on netperf stream type
tests bymmv..

I agree. But I think its a reasonable goal to expect dom0 performance
to match a VM performance across a variety of environments :)

Yep ;)


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