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Re: [Xen-users] strangeness with high BDP tests

Diwaker Gupta wrote:

On Apr 4, 2005 11:48 AM, Ian Pratt <m+Ian.Pratt@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Maybe I missed something. My xm only has vif-list, no
vif-limit. I also grepped for anything resembling vif-limit
inside the tools directory, but with no useful results. Is
this a new feature? I'm using Xen 2.0.3

Please upgrade.

I did:
 Xen version 2.0.5 (root@localdomain) (gcc version 3.3.5 (Debian
1:3.3.5-2)) Mon Apr  4 13:53:08 PDT 2005

But I still don't see any xm vif-limit. Do I need to upgrade to unstable?

Oops, sorry, I assumed you were on unstable. It would be
very useful if you could try xen-unstable. Quite frankly,
it has been relatively stable for me.


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