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Re: [Xen-users] Recipe for 'Thin Domain 0' request

William (Andy) Smith wrote:

It's the issue of having a 'thinest possible Dom0' I'm working towards at
the moment. I need to get some DomN's up as quickly as possible, and I'm
caught wishing I knew enough about Xen to make a bootable ISO Dom0 so I
could have the entire 600GB raid available for LVM use. If only I had PXE
already working, I'd skip the ISO.

There are a lot of ways of getting a network bootable (diskless) install, including etherboot from a floppy or booting from a usb flash drive. If you can get a minimal version of your preferred dom0 distro booted in such a way, it should be pretty easy to make that approach xen compatible.


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