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RE: [Xen-users] Problems with live migrate on xen-testing

> I am using xen-testing and trying to migrate a VM between two 
> machines. However, the migrate command fails with the error "Error:
> errors: suspend failed, Callback timed out".

It might be worth trying Charles Coffing's patch to the iostream
handling. I'm planing on applying it when I get a chance.
> After the error on the source machine, while the VM shows up 
> on xm list at the destination, xfrd.log (on the destination) 
> shows that its trying to reload memory pages beyond 100%. The 
> number of memory pages reloaded keeps on going up until I use 
> 'xm destroy'.

Going beyond 100% is normal behaviour, but obviously it should terminate
eventually, after doing a number of iterations.

Posting the xfrd log (after applying the patch) would be interesting.


> The process of xm save/scp <saved image>/xm restore the 
> machine works fine though. Any ideas why live migration would 
> not work? The combined usage of dom0 and domU is around half 
> the physical memory present in the machine.
> The traceback from xend.log
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/twisted/internet/defer.py",
> line 308, in _startRunCallbacks
>     self.timeoutCall.cancel()
>   File "/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/twisted/internet/base.py",
> line 82, in cancel
>     raise error.AlreadyCalled
> AlreadyCalled: Tried to cancel an already-called event.
> xfrd.log on the sender is full of "Retry suspend domain 
> (120)" before it says "Unable to suspend domain. (120)" and 
> "Domain appears not to have suspended: 120".
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