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Re: [Xen-users] Devices not available in domain

M.A. Williamson wrote:
Your permissions look a bit weird. If you're root, you can access /dev/null, right? Can you just try chmod-ing the device file? (e.g. chmod 666 /dev/null) so that everyone can read / write it?

After doing chmod 666 /dev/null the error message is not displayed anymore. You were right, thank you.

How did you make this filesystem? It looks like something has gone wrong with permissions in the process of your creating the filesystem image... Strange.

Argh, I now understand what I did wrong: I created a file with dd, connected it with a loopback device using losetup, mounted it and populated the filesystem copying the necessary parts of my existing installation into it. However, I missed the preserve option when doing cp! Therefore the permissions e.g. for /dev/null where wrong. I should have done cp -p ...

Sorry for bothering you with such a stupid mistake.


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