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Re: [Xen-users] NAT and networks of domUs

Nils Toedtmann <xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> 2.) Has somebody on the list a working configuration with domUs on a private
>> network, which is/are NATted to the internet via a public IP in dom0? 


> Try this: 
>   * Shutdown all domUs, stop xend
>   * Set up an empty bridge-device with private ip using you distro 
>     sysconfig or by hand:
>       brctl addbr mybr0
>       ip addr add dev mybr0
>       ip link set mybr0 up


>   * Configure xend (/etc/xen/xend-config.sxp) for not setting up 
>     xen-br0 on startup, but nevertheless adding virtual interfaces 
>     to your bridge:
>       (network-script     network-route)
>       (vif-script         vif-bridge)
>       (vif-bridge         mybr0)


>   * start xend, boot your VMs, tell them to use IPs in,
>     default gw being Now all doms should be able to ping 
>     each other within

I can ping from each domU. None of the domUs
can ping the other one.


There is no safe distance.

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