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RE: [Xen-users] More memory questions

> Following the advice from others, I attempted to use the xm 
> balloon command to increase the memory available to Domain-0. 
> However, each time I execute xm list or free -m the old 
> amount is displayed.
> Checking the logs (xend.log & xend-debug.log) showed nothing 
> about the memory request. Any ideas why this is not working? 
> Am I missing something or doing something incorrectly? To 
> help here are the machine specs. please, no laughing ;)

You need to set the initial dom0 mem with dom0_mem= on the Xen command
line, then specify the maximum possible dom0 memory via a mem= parameter
on the kernel command line. If you don't do the latter, the maximum
possible will default to the initial.

> Xen: 2.0.5
> Linux Kernel: 2.6.10
> CPU: P2-350
> Physical Ram: 192 MiB
> Allocated to Domain-0: 64 MiB
> Allocated to Domain-1: 64 MiB
> Xen command: xm balloon Domain-0 92
> Display from xm list: 
> # xm list
> Name              Id  Mem(MB)  CPU  State  Time(s)  Console
> Domain-0           0       59           0  r----     104995.4
> The same display is shown before and after the balloon 
> command. Is it possible this hardware (a test machine) is 
> simply too old to work correctly?
> Kenneth Power
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