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Re: [Xen-users] Xen with 'Routing' scripts

Am Montag, den 18.04.2005, 16:30 +0200 schrieb Roland Paterson-Jones:
> Now really, the only ugly part is discovering/forcing the dom-U IP 
> addresses.

If you do not want to patch dhcpd, you may do funny other things:

* generate huge dhcpd.conf with bash/perl scripts (ok, that's not so 

* supply all domUs with a network initscript which greps network
  information from kernel command line /proc/cmdline (for example
  "eth0= gw=". Put not only mac address
  into /etc/xen/domUconf, but also 'extra+=" eth0=..."'

* poor man's dhcp: encode all networking information (ip/mask/gw) within
  the MAC (for networks <= /21 possible) and supply all domUs with
  a network initscript that decodes the MAC. For example
  with gw could be encoded as


  (decimal octets have to be converted to hex): the first four bits are 
  the prefix-complemneent "32-24=8", the next tree bits are void, the 
  eighth bit has to be zero (to be a valid unicast MAC), the second MAC-
  octet is the last IP-octet of the gw-ip (.1), the last four MAC-octets
  are the ip. 

  Evil, eh?


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