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[Xen-users] RE: [Xen-devel] Run X in other domains?

 > > I can see how you could start a very simple VGA-only Xserver -- by 
> > default dom0 happens to have access to the bottom 1MB of 
> memory, which 
> > is enough to get a VGA Xserver working.
> OK, I wasn't familiar with this.  However I've checked 
> XFree86.0.log from domain 0 for memory reports, and these two 
> lines indicate more than 1MB is available, which may be a problem:
> (II) SIS(0): Using 15808K of framebuffer memory ...
> (II) SIS(0): VESA VBE Total Mem: 16384 kB

Ah, OK. Thinking about this further, this still doesn't worry me as the
VESA BIOS isn't using the pci device table to find the card. As dom0 is
fully privileged its able to map the memory. 
> > > I've followed Ian's advice, rebuilding Linux 2.6.10 with 
> the default 
> > > xenU configuration eith XEN_PHSDEV_ACCESS added (to automatically 
> > > enable
> > > DUMMY_CONSOLE) plus PCI support.  However my kernel crashes 
> > > immediately after "Freeing unused kernel memory", even 
> when I pass 
> > > "xencons=ttyS".
> > > Perhaps the build broke somehow, or it's configuration is invalid?
> > 
> > I think you'll need to look through the oops message to see what's 
> > going on.
> I've included a relevant section below - I could post the 
> whole output as a gzip attachment if it would help?

I think you'll need to add a bit of debugging to the relevant functions,
or better, use the gdb server to have a poke around.

> > You could try setting xencons=off just to rule xencons out.
> The domain still exits, albeit silently without console 
> output.  However I have found that I need the suggested 
> "xencons=ttyS" to avoid an additional line of kernel output 
> "Warning: unable to open an initial console".

Can you login via ssh? What does dmesg show?

> > I presume you've granted the PCI device to the other domain in it's 
> > config file?
> I hoped that the line "pci = [ '01,00,00' ]" in my previous 
> post was sufficient?

Is that really the bus location of the graphics card?


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