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[Xen-users] RE: [Xen-devel] Run X in other domains?

On Tue, 2005-04-19 at 09:29 +0100, Ian Pratt wrote:
>  > > I can see how you could start a very simple VGA-only Xserver -- by 
> > > default dom0 happens to have access to the bottom 1MB of 
> > memory, which 
> > > is enough to get a VGA Xserver working.
> > 
> > OK, I wasn't familiar with this.  However I've checked 
> > XFree86.0.log from domain 0 for memory reports, and these two 
> > lines indicate more than 1MB is available, which may be a problem:
> > 
> > (II) SIS(0): Using 15808K of framebuffer memory ...
> > (II) SIS(0): VESA VBE Total Mem: 16384 kB
> Ah, OK. Thinking about this further, this still doesn't worry me as the
> VESA BIOS isn't using the pci device table to find the card. As dom0 is
> fully privileged its able to map the memory. 

Fair enough.

> > > I think you'll need to look through the oops message to see what's 
> > > going on.
> > 
> > I've included a relevant section below - I could post the 
> > whole output as a gzip attachment if it would help?
> I think you'll need to add a bit of debugging to the relevant functions,
> or better, use the gdb server to have a poke around.

I'm afraid I've only recently caught up with Xen so I probably can't
help too much with development just yet, and I guess that would belong
on xen-devel anyway.  Also I haven't noticed any details regarding gdb
server usage anywhere, so I'm not sure about that either.

> > > You could try setting xencons=off just to rule xencons out.
> > 
> > The domain still exits, albeit silently without console 
> > output.  However I have found that I need the suggested 
> > "xencons=ttyS" to avoid an additional line of kernel output 
> > "Warning: unable to open an initial console".
> Can you login via ssh? What does dmesg show?

With my modified kernel new domains crash before init, so SSH never gets
a chance.  The console output only ever shows the initial boot as far as
"Freeing unused kernel memory" before the debug output about the crash.
I could include all this in full but wasn't sure if the attachment would
be OK.

> > > I presume you've granted the PCI device to the other domain in it's 
> > > config file?
> > 
> > I hoped that the line "pci = [ '01,00,00' ]" in my previous 
> > post was sufficient?
> Is that really the bus location of the graphics card?

As far as I can tell - X, scanpci & lspci all seem to agree.



Sean Atkinson <sean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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