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Re: [Xen-users] [Fwd: Re: [Xen-devel] Run X in other domains?]

> > X wants bang directly on the Hardware.  Try "X -scanpci" in domain 0,
> > most likely you'll see the hidden gfx card listed there.
> "X -scanpci" silently exits in every environment I tried, except in
> domain 1 where it fails with "xf86EnableIOPorts: Failed to set IOPL for
> I/O".  Perhaps I'm missing something?

Hmm, strange.  Works fine here, both on the bare metal and within domain
0.  xorg 6.8.2.

Failure in domain 1 isn't surprising as it can't access the hardware

> > X.org has several ways of accessing the PCI bus, you can play with
> > that using the "scanpci" utility.  "OS config" (-O switch for scanpci)
> > should in theory use /proc/bus/pci, work fine without direct hardware
> > access enabled and list the gfx card in the domain you've assigned it
> > to.  In practice it doesn't, scanpci refuses to work without iopl
> > access and also doesn't use /proc/bus/pci due to a bug.  It should
> > have improved in x.org tree, cvs HEAD, because I bugged the suse x.org
> > guy to look into this because of the uml issues mentioned above.
> > Havn't tested that recently though.
> In domain 0 with my graphics card hidden, passing "-O" to the scanpci
> binary or "-H 1" to lspci adds 3 devices to the output - the VGA card,
> AGP bridge and a SMBus device.

Well, that's exactly the scanpci bug mentioned.  With "-O" it *should*
use /proc/bus/pci (and thus list the same devices lspci lists without
"-H 1").  But it doesn't :-/

> In domain 1 both binaries fail reporting I/O port problems.

That's the other issue.  Both refuse to work without iopl, even if they
don't need it, thus fail to work in domain-1.

> Guess I'll have to wait to try these upcoming X fixes ...

Well, as mentioned it *should* be fixed in the X.org cvs now (but it was
checked in after the 6.8.2 release), so you could try building a fresh
checkout and see if that works better.  I hope it does, but havn't
verified it yet ...


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