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[Xen-users] Re: [Xen-devel] Run X in other domains?


Nice to see more interest in this issue ;-), I'm still trying to look into 
this as well, but I have so little time to play with it :-(

> > Can you login via ssh? What does dmesg show?
> With my modified kernel new domains crash before init, so SSH never gets
> a chance.  The console output only ever shows the initial boot as far as
> "Freeing unused kernel memory" before the debug output about the crash.
> I could include all this in full but wasn't sure if the attachment would
> be OK.

What settings are you including in your domU kernel config? I had similar 
problems when I was building with fbcon included, do you have vesafb 
built-in? And fbcon?
I had more luck when I went for a more modular kernel, (matroxfb, and fbcon 
build as modules, no vesa built-in framebuffer).

I am able to boot into dom1, and am able to insert the matroxfb module, thus I 
can cat data to /dev/fb0, showing that it is accessable. However, as soon as 
I insmod fbcon, it oopses. The system was still working though, so I was able
to track it down, it seems VT subsystem is not properly initialised :-(
When I have some time, I'll be looking into VT initialisation to see where it 
goes wrong.
Anyways, this was all on -unstable, so not sure about 2.0.5 right now.

Basically my experiments have shown two problems when trying to start X:
1) X needs a VT to run, and I've been unable to get a working dom1 with VT.
2) After patching X to not need a VT, I ran into some IO access problem (not 
sure about the message anymore, but should be in the devel list archives 
somewhere, as well as a reference to the patch). It did not seem like a big 
problem, but I've not been able to get past it yet :-(  I tried to patch and 
rebuilt X again, but could not get a stable version anymore...


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