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Re: [Xen-users] Xen and ways to install

Am Dienstag, den 19.04.2005, 18:16 +0100 schrieb Mark Williamson: 
> > >   rpm    --root           $ROOTDIR $COMPLETE_LIST_OF_RPM_PACKAGES
> > >
> > >   yum    --installroot    $ROOTDIR $LIST_OF_RPM_PACKAGES
> > >
> > >   apt-get -o RPM::RootDir=$ROOTDIR $LIST_OF_RPM_PACKAGES
> >
> > The actual install commands are obviously missing :(
> >
> >   rpm     --root          $RootDir --install $packagelist
> >   yum     --installroot   $RootDir   install $packagelist
> >   apt-get -o RPM::RootDir=$RootDir   install $packagelist
> Rather than using a package list, is it possible to specify a package group 
> or 
> a metapackage or something to yum / apt?  I.e. to get a complete base install 
> suitable for booting without having to figure out the packages manually?

  yum --installroot $RootDir groupinstall Base 

You may want to add "-y" to automatically answer all questions with
"yes" for unattended/scripted installation.

> That would be really useful (and worth documenting).

I personally dislike this since it installs too many packages you'll
never need (cups, freetype and even xorg-x11-Mesa-libGL! welcome to
dependancy hell). yum resolves dependancies, so this builds a _minimal_
system where you can do networking, ssh-login, editing with vi and
install everything you need via yum:

  mkdir -p $RootDir/{etc,dev}

  cat > $RootDir/etc/fstab <<EOF
    /dev/sda1  /         ext3    defaults        1 1
    none       /dev/pts  devpts  gid=5,mode=620  0 0
    none       /proc     proc    defaults        0 0
    none       /sys      sysfs   defaults        0 0
    none       /dev/shm  tmpfs   defaults        0 0

  # at least /dev/null must be present before "yum install"
  for i in console null zero ; do MAKEDEV -d $RootDir -x $i ; done

  # beware: this mounts $RootDir/proc!
  yum --installroot $RootDir -y install yum rootfiles bind-utils gnupg \
       mailx openssh-server vim-enhanced vixie-cron crontabs passwd

  mv $RootDir/lib/tls $RootDir/lib/tls.disbled

  chroot $RootDir # now personalize & configure your VM
  exit            # exit the chroot

  umount $RootDir/{proc,}

Happy booting. I prefer apt-get over yum (it's much faster and it's
smarter with different rootdir), but it's not part of the distro (shame
on RH). Here is another desciption:


I have my own rpm repository with some empty dummy-rpms (kernel, kudzu)
to escape evil dependancies (i do not need a 25MB kernel package in


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