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Re: [Xen-users] Xen and ways to install

Gentoo can be bootstrapped like this, I've done it before and all you have to do is follow there install guide with the corret mount point.


Toens Bueker wrote:

Nils Toedtmann <xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

3) Mount the empty rootdir for the new installation and install the rpm
packages into it. "rpm" itself cannot resolve dependancies (so it's
package list has to be "dependancy-complete"), but yum and apt-for-rpm

 rpm    --root           $ROOTDIR $COMPLETE_LIST_OF_RPM_PACKAGES

 yum    --installroot    $ROOTDIR $LIST_OF_RPM_PACKAGES


After doing so, create/edit the usual files (fstab, hosts, resolv.conf,
inittab, network-configuration, ...), rename /lib/tls, umount & boot.
I install all my RH/FC/CentOS VMs with apt-get.

OK. Thus there are basically two ways of installing
Linux-based dom-Us (booting a pre-generated image or
bootstrapping via net-install/apt-get). BTW: Can Gentoo be bootstrapped like this?

But how can Net- and FreeBSD be installed (on a
Linux-based dom-0)? Since I've downloaded the Demo-CD,
I've seen, that it's possible.
I guess, that the *BSD-images, which are included on the
Demo-Cd, can be used for "normal" installations as well,
right (although on the Demo-CD these are cow-volumes)?


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