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Re: [Xen-users] HOWTO about XEN on debian sarge

> > If you compile from the -testing release it might Just Work (TM). 
> > -testing is due to be released pretty soon (there's an annoying migration
> > problem still being tracked down) so it's probably as stable as -stable.
> Yep, only reason I did it this way was to take advantage of debian
> packages though. (with a custom kernel)

Actually I don't think there were any changes to Xen itself for AGP support.  
I'd imagine that compiling the 2.6.11 kernel from -testing should run fine on 
the packaged Xen in Debian.

> > Otherwise, you could just wait and use a VESA X server in the meantime.
> Well I am not interested in using an X server at all, so I can
> happily disable all AGP things in there as long as my serial console
> will still work.

Linux serial console under Xen shouldn't be any problem - we use it all the 


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