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Re: [Xen-users] Via Samuel 2 Stepping 3 - does not work - even whith patch

> ha! I had this problem before.. and I tracied it back to..... BAD RAM. I
> reaplaced ram with a better ram and problem went away.

...I could not imageine that it is the ram... as this was a server before 
running for a whole year whithout any error ;-) ..But I tried quite a lot of 
chips (11!) - always the same :-(

ooh! it seems, that my error-description was too unclear last mail.
last message XEN prints out (unfortunately i have to type it in from the 
screen ;-)

(XEN) Scrubbing DOM0 RAM: .done.

if it helps, i'll give you the whole physical and virtual memory arrangement. 

any idas? 

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