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RE: [Xen-users] Per domain a fixed interface number?

> is it possible to assign a fixed interface number to a 
> domain, so when the domain starts up the intefacen number are 
> always the same? I have the problem, that I have for each 
> domain a bridge with a VLAN. So the vif of a domain have to 
> assign always to the same bridge in dom0. When I restart a 
> domain, it will get another interface number and the 
> allocation is wrong.

In the unstable repo you can set the vif's name with the 'vifname=' parameter.

However, if you reboot a domain the vif will temporarilly disappear, so any 
iptables, ebtables, routes or bridging rules will be ripped out. You need to 
reissue them when the interface comes back up -- you can do this by adding the 
rules to the vif-bridge script.


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