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Re: [Xen-users] Mail server inside domU

Lars E. D. Jensen | DCmedia wrote:

>Hi list
>I have my doubts using file backed vbd for a mail server, but I would like to 
>since it's so easy to maintain and move around.
>There's a lot of small files being written all the time and the mail server 
>currently has 539 users spread over several real domains (domain.tld), is it 
>complete idiotic to use a file backed vbd for this?
>And how does it influence other domUs which isn't running mail server 
>I'm using a qmail and spamassassin/clamav setup for the mail server.
>What are your experiences with mail servers inside domU?
I have a mail server (cyrus + spamassassin/clamav) running in a domU
with no problem. Not high load, but a few thousand messages per day.
It's running on an LVM backed partition (though on a different spindle
than my other domU's), and I see virtually no impact on the other
domU's. I suspect the disk IO is a much bigger factor than CPU, and I
would suspect that if you can dedicate a disk to it, then you will be
quite happy, though I don't know how much I benefit from a lvm backed
vbd vs. a file backed one.


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