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[Xen-users] Re: xen, tls, futex locks and berkley db

On Tue, 26 Apr 2005 10:06:55 +0200, Filip Sergeys wrote:

> I ran into a problem which I don't know how to solve.
> In order for xen to run in maximum performance, tls should be disabled.
> However on that machine I want to run openldap with berkley db backend.
> When openldap is started; I get the following error:
> bdb_db_open: dbenv_open failed: Function not implemented (38)
> slapd[8218]: backend_startup: bi_db_open(0) failed! (38)
> slapd[8218]: bdb(dc=eccent,dc=be): DB_ENV->lock_id_free interface
> requires an environment configured for the locking subsystem
> slapd[8218]: bdb(dc=eccent,dc=be): txn_checkpoint interface requires an
> environment configured for the transaction subsystem
> slapd[8218]: bdb_db_destroy: txn_checkpoint failed: Invalid argument
> (22)

What I did to get around this issue, was move our data over to a
postgresql backend. It took a couple of days but it's now basically
working. If anyone would like help transitioning to a postgresql backend
for openldap, please get in touch off-list and I'd be happy to help.

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