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Re: [Xen-users] Multiple bridges in startup

wow, i was just going to post about this, i can't find it either ...

i think it's in xend-config.sxp: under
(network-script    network bridge=xen-br0 netdev=eth0)
(network-script    network bridge=xen-br1 netdev=eth3)

but this isn't actually setting up two bridges for me ...

and i think you don't need to declare specific MAC's, as long as the bridge/vif is set up correctly. ( I am specifying MAC's for DHCP reservation)

any help for the both of us? maybe we'll figure it out together

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Gil Freund wrote:


Apologies: I recall this being asked (and answered) before, but I
cannot find the thread.

I have two NICs. I would like to setup three bridges:

xen-br0 - eth0
xen-br1 - eth1
xen-br2 - virtual only for domU interconnect

Where would be a suitable location to implement this so the startup
scripts pick this configuration?

Furthermore, do MAC addresses need to be explicitly declared in the
domU configuration files? The example files state that random MAC
addresses will be used, but simply stating nics=2 does not seem to



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